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IMPORTANT NOTE: PresidentElect.org is changing to PresidentElect.us! Welcome to the new site... sorta! After 13 years online it's finally time for a major redesign. As you can see, I started applying the facelift at the old site but eventually decided if we're going to also move the address we might as well stop and do it all at once here. I'm in the process of updating the historical election pages and moving them here. But if you're looking for information on older elections you'll want to continue visiting the old address. Eventually all the data will be migrated to this site.

Until then you can get test out some of the older pages here to get a feel of where things are headed.

Election pages from about 1904 onward have been started but are not complete. Prior to 1904, almost nothing has been done. The FAQ page needs some cleaning up and the article page is missing most of the articles. Again, you'll need to visit the old address above to get the data from those pages. But you can see how they will look eventually.

Be sure to try out the keyboard navigation -- one of my favorite new features and one I miss sorely when using the old site. Just start typing an election year and you're there! You can also use the left and right arrow keys to navigate election pages.

Another cool new feature allows you try different scenarios with a make-your-own-electoral-map (a work in progress). Visit a year from 1964-2012 to color your own map. Thanks for your patience through this major transition and apologies for not being able to get it done sooner.

WELCOME TO PRESIDENT ELECT, the homepage for information on the election of U.S. Presidents and the electoral college. You'll find election results, history, electoral college debate, and much more!

HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT CURRENT, PAST, OR FUTURE ELECTIONS? As always I am here to answer any questions you have about presidential elections and the Electoral College so feel free to email those (but check the FAQ page first as I usually will not answer emails that ask questions that are already listed there).

This website is provided for informational and educational purposes; every effort is made to make sure it is accurate. President Elect prides itself on being objective and nonpartisan. If you have additional information which I'm missing or you can correct any errors please feel free to contact me.

How can you help out? I love answering your Frequently Asked Questions! And I'm always accepting Article submissions. Articles should be related to presidential elections, analysis, the electoral college, relevant Constitution issues, election law, winning and losing presidential / vice presidential candidates, etc. The site will not accept articles that are politically biased or are deemed not relevant. For more info, check out the submission guidelines.

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