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WELCOME TO PRESIDENT ELECT, the homepage for information on the election of U.S. Presidents and the electoral college. You'll find election results, history, electoral college debate, and much more!

HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT CURRENT, PAST, OR FUTURE ELECTIONS? As always I am here to answer any questions you have about presidential elections and the Electoral College so feel free to mail those (but check the FAQ page first as I usually will not answer emails that ask questions that are already listed there).

This website is provided for informational and educational purposes; every effort is made to make sure it is accurate. President Elect prides itself on being objective and nonpartisan. If you have additional information which I'm missing or you can correct any errors please feel free to contact me.

How can you help out? I love answering your Frequently Asked Questions! And I'm always accepting Article submissions. Articles should be related to presidential elections, analysis, the electoral college, relevant Constitution issues, election law, winning and losing presidential / vice presidential candidates, etc. The site will not accept articles that are politically biased or are deemed not relevant. For more info, check out the submission guidelines.

What's new...

  • Results from a crazy electoral college vote are now reflected on the 2016 map.

  • The election is over! You can check out the preliminary results and the night's entire live blog on the 2016 election page.

  • New article online for election day: The Useless Popular Vote. Why do we spend so much time talking about and give so much weight to a statistic that is completely meaningless in out electoral system?

  • The final President Elect analysis of the 2016 election is now online!

  • Chaos lovers, you want to get really crazy? If the House of Representatives is going to be given the choice between Clinton, Trump, and an alternative candidate, a war between the states to determine that third person could break out. Here's how it could happen.

  • An alternative conservative candidate is making waves in Utah. Could he cause an electoral tsunami that he could ride all the way to the White House? Here's how it could happen.

  • One week until election day! Check out the latest analysis, along with an important message about updates this week.

  • The election is less than a month away! Look for a new electoral college analysis at least twice a week from here on out.

  • The mid-September electoral college map analysis is online. Check out the surprise that Maine may have in the works this election!

  • What would happen if a group of electors was able to throw a close race to the House of Representatives? A wildcard candidate could be elected president without a single popular vote to their name!

  • The general election season has officially kicked off. Post-convention electoral college analyses have been posted.

  • The candidates for the two major and three biggest third parties have been decided! Check them out on the 2016 page. I'm also keeping track of ballot access for those third parties. You can see how many electoral votes they could potentially reach based on which states they have successfully gotten on the ballot.

  • The spring electoral map analysis has been posted!

  • Download free campaign buttons for your favorite candidate to use on social media!

  • The first electoral map analysis of the 2016 campaign has been posted!

  • I'm in the process of updating the historical election pages to the new format and moving articles from the old site here.

  • The 2016 campaign is in full swing and President Elect is ramping back up!

  • Be sure to try out the keyboard navigation -- one of my favorite new features. Just start typing an election year and you're there! You can also use the left and right arrow keys to navigate election pages. Another cool new feature allows you try different scenarios with a make-your-own-electoral-map.

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