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Richard Nixon
Richard Milhous Nixon
Spiro Theodore Agnew

Home State: Nixon - CA; Agnew - MD

Electoral Votes: 520
Popular Votes: 47,169,911 (60.7%)

George McGovern
George Stanley McGovern
Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr.

Home State: McGovern - SD; Shriver - MD

Electoral Votes: 17
Popular Votes: 29,170,383 (37.5%)

John Hospers
A Virginia Republican elector cast his vote for the newly formed Libertarian Party, who were only on the ballot in two states. The VP vote for Nathan was the first electoral vote cast for a woman. The elector - who had written a book a decade earlier about the Electoral College which stated that electors should be "influenced but not governed" by the popuar vote - would go on to be the Libertarian nominee for president in 1976.
John Hospers
Theodora Nathalia Nathan

Home State: Hospers - CA; Nathan - OR

Electoral Votes: 1
Popular Votes: 3,673 (0.0%)

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John G. Schmitz
John George Schmitz
Thomas Jefferson Anderson

Home State: Schmitz - CA; Anderson - TN

Electoral Votes: 0
Popular Votes: 1,099,482 (1.4%)

Other Candidates

People's, Socialist Labor, Socialist Workers...

Electoral Votes: 0
Popular Votes: 278,779 (0.4%)

Electoral College Vote
Total electoral votes (from 50 states and DC) - 538
Majority needed to win - 270


Popular Vote
Total popular vote: 77,718,554
Percentage of eligible population voting: 55.1%


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