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Jimmy Carter
James Earl Carter, Jr.
Walter Frederick Mondale

Home State: Carter - GA; Mondale - MN

Electoral Votes: 297
Popular Votes: 40,830,763 (50.1%)

Gerald Ford
Ford was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr. His mother left his father in the weeks after he was born. After remarrying when Ford was two the family started calling him by his stepfather's name, Gerald Rudolff Ford. He was never officially adopted and didn't legaly change his name (using a more traditional spelling of the middle name) until twenty years later.
Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.
Robert Joseph Dole

Home State: Ford - MI; Dole - KS

Electoral Votes: 240
Popular Votes: 39,147,793 (48.0%)

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Ronald Reagan
A Washington state Republican elector who was supposed to vote for Ford instead cast his vote for Ronald Reagan (who had lost to Ford in the primaries) as a protest against abortion. He named Dole on his VP ballot.
Ronald Wilson Reagan
Robert Joseph Dole

Home State: Reagan - CA; Dole - KS

Electoral Votes: 1

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Other Candidates

Independent, Libertarian, American Independent...

Electoral Votes: 0
Popular Votes: 1,577,333 (1.9%)

Electoral College Vote
Total electoral votes (from 50 states and DC) - 538
Majority needed to win - 270


Popular Vote
Total popular vote: 81,555,889
Percentage of eligible population voting: 53.6%


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