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George W. Bush
George W. Bush
Dick Cheney

Home State: Bush - TX; Cheney - WY

Electoral Votes: 271
Popular Votes: 50,456,062 (47.9%)

Al Gore
Al Gore
Joe Lieberman

Home State: Gore - TN; Lieberman - CT

Electoral Votes: 266
Popular Votes: 50,996,582 (48.4%)

Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader
Winona LaDuke

Party: GREEN
Home State: Nader - CT; LaDuke - MN

Electoral Votes: 0
Popular Votes: 2,858,713 (2.7%)

Other Candidates

Reform, Libertarian, Constitution...

Electoral Votes: 0
Popular Votes: 1,050,286 (1.0%)

A District of Columbia elector who was supposed to vote for Gore abstained in protest of D.C.'s lack of representation in Congress.
Not Cast

Electoral Votes: 1

Electoral College Vote
Total electoral votes (from 50 states and DC) - 538
Majority needed to win - 270


Popular Vote
Total popular vote: 105,361,643
Percentage of eligible population voting: 50.3%


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