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No Place To Go But Down!
When President Clinton leaves office this month he will be younger than over half the past presidents were when they began their terms! Is he ready to retire to private life as almost every other former president did upon leaving office? From what we've learned about him the past eight years, he doesn't seem like the kind of person who'll be able to stay out of political life for long! Looking back over history, not many men who have held the world's top political job have been able to, or wanted to, take another government position. But Clinton can take heart in the fact that the only other impeached president is on this small list.

The list below may not be complete, but should be pretty close! Feel free to send in additions, corrections, or updates. This list only contains official government posts. Example of something not included: in 1994, Jimmy Carter was asked by President Clinton to head a mission to negotiate terms of departure for Haiti's de facto leaders. There are probably numerous examples of this type where a former president was asked by the government to do something in an non-political capacity. Another example of something not included: in 1993, former presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush announced they would serve as chairmen of a NAFTA commission. This was largely a symbolic posting and not included.

John Adams
President: 1797-1801
1820: MA State Constitutional Convention, delegate
1820: Presidential Elector (MA; voted for Monroe)
James Madison
President: 1809-1817
1829: VA State Constitutional Convention, delegate
James Monroe
President: 1817-1825
1829: VA State Constitutional Convention, delegate
John Quincy Adams
President: 1825-1829
1831-1848: US House (MA)
1834: candidate MA Governor
Martin Van Buren
President: 1837-1841
1848: candidate US President (Free Soil)
1852: Presidential Elector (NY; voted for Pierce)
1856: Presidential Elector (NY; voted for Buchanan)
John Tyler
President: 1841-1845
1861: Confederate Provisional Congress, delegate
1861: Confederate House (VA; elected to seat but died before taking office)
Millard Fillmore
President: 1850-1853
1856: candidate US President (American, Whig)
Andrew Johnson
President: 1865-1869
1869: candidate US Senate (TN)
1872: candidate US House (TN)
1875: US Senate (TN)
Theodore Roosevelt
President: 1901-1909
1912: candidate US President (Progressive)
1916: candidate for nominataion US President / Vice President (Republican)
William Howard Taft
President: 1909-1913
1921-1930: US Supreme Court, Chief Justice
Herbert Hoover
President: 1929-1933
1946: Famine Emergency Commission
1947-1949: 1st Hoover Commission (Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch)
1953-1955: 2nd Hoover Commission (Commission on Governement Operations)

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