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Sons of Fortune
For only the second time in our country's history, the son of a former president has himself been elected president. Is there something in the presidential gene pool that propels the sons of chief executives into the political fray? Or is it just the learning experiences, connections, and family name that give them an advantage? More of the latter than the former, probably, but surprisingly few presidential "sons of fortune" toss their hat into the political ring. Of almost 90 boys born to presidents, we've found only 18 that have held political office.

(The list below may not be complete, but should be pretty close! Feel free to send in additions, corrections, or updates.)

John Quincy Adams
son of President
John Adams
1794-1797: minister to the Netherlands
1797-1801: minister to Prussia
1802: MA Senate
1803-1808: US Senate (MA)
1809-1814: minister to Russia
1815-1817: minister to Great Britain
1817-1825: US Secretary of State
1825-1829: US President
1831-1848: US House (MA)
1834: candidate MA Governor
Charles Francis Adams
son of President
John Quincy Adams
1831: MA House
1834-1840: MA Senate
1848: candidate US Vice President (Free Soil)
1859-1861: US House (MA)
1861-1868: minister to Great Britain
1876: candidate MA Governor
John Van Buren
son of President
Martin Van Buren
1845-1847: NY Attorney General
1848: proposed candidate US President (Free Soil)
------(declined in favor of his father's nomination)
John Scott Harrison
son of President
William Henry Harrison
1853-1857: US House (OH)
1856: proposed candidate US President (Whig)
------(declined to run)
David Gardiner Tyler
son of President
John Tyler
1891-1892: VA Senate
1893-1897: US House (VA)
1900-1904: VA Senate
1904-1927: VA state court judge
Robert Todd Lincoln
son of President
Abraham Lincoln
1881-1885: US Secretary of War
1884, 1888: candidate for nominataion US President (Republican)
1889-1893: minister to Great Britain
Frederick Dent Grant
son of President
Ulysses S. Grant
1887: candidate IL Secretary of State
1889-1893: minister to Austria-Hungary
James Webb Cook Hayes
son of President
Rutherford B. Hayes
?: OH Legislature
James Rudolph Garfield
son of President
James Garfield
1896-1899: OH Senate
1907-1909: US Secretary of the Interior
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.
son of President
Theodore Roosevelt
1920-1921: NY Legislature
1924: candidate NY Governor
Robert Alphonso Taft
son of President
William Howard Taft
1921-1926: OH House (1926-Speaker)
1931-1932: OH Senate
1939-1953: US Senate (OH)
1940, 1944, 1952:candidate for nominataion US President (Republican)
Charles Phelps Taft II
son of President
William Howard Taft
1952: candidate OH Governor
1955-1957: Cincinnati OH Mayor
Herbert Clark Hoover, Jr.
son of President
Herbert Hoover
mid-late 1950's?: Undersecretary of State
James Roosevelt
son of President
Franklin D. Roosevelt
1950: candidate CA Governor
1955-1965: US House (CA)
1965: candidate for nominataion Los Angeles CA Mayor (Democratic)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr.
son of President
Franklin D. Roosevelt
1949-1955: US House (NY)
1954: candidate NY Attorney General
1963-1965: Undersecretary of Commerce
1966: candidate NY Governor
John Sheldon Doud Eisenhower
son of President
Dwight D. Eisenhower
1969-1971: ambassador to Belgium
George Walker Bush
son of President
George Bush
1995-2000: TX Governor
2001-present: US President
John Ellis Bush
son of President
George Bush
1994: candidate FL Governor
1999-present: FL Governor

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